Even Dressage Riders can use Rails to Improve Rideability and Gymnastics

Watch how easy it is to add some simple exercises to your training using rails – no height required!

This exercise is one of the 6 gymnastic exercises demonstrated by Olympic Eventer Stuart Tinney during the 2014 QLD Festival of Dressage.

Called “The Fan”, this exercise improves Submission & Focus using rails on a curved line.

Want to Get the rest of the Exercises?

“Single Trot Rails”

Familiarisation & Confidence Building on straight lines

“The Single Canter Rails”

Creating Rhythm & Adjustability in the Stride using rails on a curved line

“The Canter Fan”

Suppleness for Strength & Collection using rails on a curved line

“The Line Modifier”

Testing Rideability and Improving Balance using varied rail distances on a Circle

A Supple Horse is A Safer Horse on Course.

Get all the exercises here for a Download, Play & Ride Experience!


“This may not seem like Dressage…but don’t feel it’s too daunting just putting some rails on the ground.”
— Stuart Tinney, Olympian

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